About us

Hi! We are Nensi & Slaven, a couple from Split, Croatia. We started this blog to share our experiences and thoughts on food, to meet like-minded people and to share our love for cooking and eating healthy. We absolutely love preparing our food from scratch and having lots of colors on our plate. We also enjoy discovering new cookbooks, different cuisines, and new ingredients.

Because of some health issues, we started exploring gluten-free food, so each recipe on this blog is gluten-free. We have also become much more interested in food quality and more conscious and mindful about what we eat, about the origin of food and the effect that certain foods have on our body.

Following a plant-based diet, centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined foods seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

We strongly believe that all of us can make conscious, informed choices (thumbs up for all the Internet resources) for living a healthy and happy life while still enjoying food and an occasional glass of wine or beer.

E-mail: info@rainbowinmykitchen.com