Vegan pantry part 1

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When you become interested in the plant-based diet, you will surely run into a couple of main concerns that everybody runs into when they start: scarcity of choice

Vegan pantry part 2

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Nuts and seeds

Flax seeds are one of the greatest plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.They help you improve digestion, give you clear skin

Vegan pantry part 3

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Frozen fruits and vegetables

Raspberries contain more vitamin C than oranges, are super high in fiber, low in calories and supply you with a good dose of folic acid.

Vegan pantry part 4

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Herbs and spices

Basil – For us, this is a must have in our kitchen. It goes well with other mediterranean herbs, like rosemary or oregano.

What about that cheese?

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One of the hardest things for us was to give up cheese (and we are not quite there yet). Few things beat having a slice of hard cheese with a few olives and a glass of wine.

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